Introducing SnapMyTrip Latest Photographer in Budapest, Hungary

A coffee chat with our latest photographer in Budapest, Hungary. Endre is originally from Budapest. Read this heart warming chat with him. A photographer by choice, a genuine human being by heart.

S:What interested you to become photographer?

E:I’ve been photographer for 18 years, born in Hungary. As a photographer, it’s my mission to help people who visit Budapest-Hungary re-experience the joy and liberation of their vacation via photographs. I love to talk people and know to each other, what they do and what they love.

S:What are  the top spots in Budapest that you would suggest?

E:I love the Buda Castle  has nice panorama, interesting ancient doors, walls and old streets to walk. Fisherman’s bastian and Matthias church is very close to each other. Also Gellert Hill is a good choice for see the Danube panorama and Liberty bridge, that’s we could walk around.I know several nice spots and parks in Budapest where we could move with clients.

S:If you were not a photographer, then what would you be?

E:Good question. I would be the man who give something to the world, and people, that something / feelings, emotions come through my images

S:Your dream holiday?

E:Would be a nice trip to Island and a trip to north to see aurora borealis.

S:A brief description about you and your family.

E:Me and my wife love to spend time together. The day I met her, I felt my life is complete. The time spent together and the shared experiences gradually brought us closer to one another. One day, we made the decision to tie our lives together and become a family. Through our wedding, we elevated our relationship to the next level and committed to each other for a lifetime.

Shoot in Budapest

Shoot in Budapest

Shoot in Budapest

Shoot in Budapest

Shoot in Budapest

August 5, 2019