15 Most Romantic cities in Europe to propose your girlfriend

You have found the woman of your dreams. Someone who laughs at your silly jokes, lets you eat the last piece of the cake and syncs up with you on every step in life.

However, now comes one of the most nerve-wracking but exciting moment that you will look back in pride and cherish every second of it.

Getting down on one knee and asking your girlfriend to marry you is one of the most romantic and magical moments in both of your lives. It is one of the rarest feelings in which you feel infinite joy and affection.

So whisk your girlfriend to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world to show how madly in love you are! We, at SnapMyTrip are sucker for romance and have curated the most romantic cities in Europe for your dream proposal. Contact us and we will help you weave the perfect proposal with our photographers.


1. Paris – The romance capital of the world is not named that without a reason. The glittering Eiffel tower as the backdrop or Pont-Marie bridge for your proposal is a classic.

It’s beautiful alleyways and bridges, walking along the river Seine in the golden sunset and the coffee shops with the traditional Parisian air, all comes together to create a magical vibe.


Romantic Paris

Photograph by Ainsley D.


Romantic Paris

Photograph by Barrie Downie


2.London – Mr. Darcy proposing to Lizzie in the pouring rain is one of the most intense romantic proposal that has always made us weep like a baby. Why not channel your inner Darcy and recreate the magic in the summer rain of London?

It’s elegant architecture, magnificent skyline and beautiful river banks of Thames will create a fairytale moment that will make her go weak in the knees. Check out our blog on the most beautiful locations in London for more ideas.


Romantic proposal city London

Photograph by Barrie Downie


3.Barcelona – Barcelona is competing head on with Paris to take the title of City of Love. It’s sprawling streets, picturesque plazas and delectable cuisine makes it a perfect setting to celebrate your love. The Magic fountain of Montjuïc lights up in bright colours and dances to the serenading music is a great spot.

The top of the Tibidabo gives impressive views of the entire city. Along side, is a gothic church and quaint old amusement park that gives a charming vibe to the area. Or just head to the old town that is renowned for its charm and appeal.

Gothic quarter is full of picturesque squares small cafes and bars and a stroll through the barrio is a great opportunity to pop that question. Check out our blog on photoshoot in Barcelona by SnapMyTrip photographer.


Proposal in Barcelona

Photograph by Arnau


4.Santorini – Santorini is one of the most scenic and breath taking islands in Greece. It’s white washed houses with blue domes and ruby colored bougainvillea hugging the walls, who can resist?

Known for its super romantic sunsets that paints the sky in every hue of pink and orange making for some jaw dropping backdrop. Check out our blog for top things to do in Greece’s most romantic city, Santorini.


Romantic proposal in Santorini

Photograph by PhotoPek


5.Prague – No city defines fairytale as Prague. The romantic city is steeped in culture and history with architecture that gives it a dreamy vibe. There is Charles Bridge, 14th century stone bridge that connects the old town offers stunning view of Prague. The street musicians on the bridge and the glittering river will make you feel like you are in fairyland.

Walk a little further over the bridge, and you will find several swans in the blue water. Take a bottle of wine and some bread and make those swans a witness to your epic moment.

Prague castle is magical in summer evenings with its gothic and roman style architecture. During summer, its open until midnight making it the perfect spot for a proposal.

If you are obsessed with fountains like us, Krizik singing fountain has beautifully choreographed water ballets with colored lights dancing to famous music making it the perfect romantic setting.


Proposal in Prague

Photograph by Raifa


6.Budapest – This unpolished city of Eastern Europe is full of romantic spots. Come in August and walk along the river Danube and the embankment that is beautifully lit in the night. Or take a cruise on the river, with Buda castle and Hungarian parliament in the backdrop, it creates a cozy setting for that magical proposal.

Top of the Gellert hill is Budapest Citadel that has panoramic views or under the roofs by the balcony of the romantic Fisherman’s Bastion are great spots. Come in December to propose under the snow flakes and the romantic Christmas market lights.

One great way is to hop in the warm outdoor pools of Szechenyi baths for a steamy proposal – imagine snow falling and you hugging in the warm pool..heavenly!!!


Romantic proposal in Budapest

Photograph by Wendl


7.Rome – Roma spelt backward is Amor (love), so what can be a better place to pop that question in one of the most romantic cities in Italy. Gianicolo hill has a breath taking panorama and when the sun sets, the golden light illuminates the roofs of Rome. Take a romantic stroll and rent a row-boat at the lake in Villa Borghese.

Colosseum is a classic spot for proposals, engagements and weddings. The rooftop of the hotel Minerva will give you the most spectacular views of the city making it an unforgettable evening.

Again, if you are a sucker for fountains like us, then confess your love at the mother of all fountains, the Trevi fountain. Its imposing façade and elegant sculptures makes a perfect setting but its also very very crowded so we suggest to go really late at night to beat the crowds and have the moment to yourself.

For more locations, we have an entire blog on the best locations for photo-shoots in Rome which also doubles as the most romantic spots.


Proposal in Rome

Photograph by Fabio


8.Venice – Romance is built in to the very soul of Venice. Hold hands and getting lost in the labyrinth of bridges and narrow alleyways. It is a beautiful experience on its own.

Hop in a Gondola and pop the question under the Bridges of Sighs while an Italian singer fills the air with the beautiful accordion music or venture out late in the night when the San Marco square clears out of tourists, the flickering lights of the piazza and the quartets being played in front of the restaurants will create a dreamlike experience.

Climb the tower of San Giorgio for panoramic views or just wine and dine in a cozy venetian restaurant for a more intimate setting.


Romantic proposal in Venice

Photograph by Michelangelo


9.Amsterdam – Amsterdam romantic canal houses and cozy bars will surprise you in so many ways. Rent a private boat and cruise the countless number of canals after sunset. You can also book a private candle lit champagne dinner on the boat making it a more intimate experience.

Walk around the canals, floating flower markets and buy some tulips for the lady slowly building up to the moment. For more locations, check out our entire guide on the best locations in Amsterdam.


Romance in Amsterdam

Photograph by SnapMyTrip



10.Vienna – Vienna has some remarkable places for proposing your lady love. The Albertina terrace overlooking the Opera where Before Sunrise was filmed is one of our favourite spot in the city.

The giant Ferris wheel carriages offer panoramic views of the city, rent a horse & buggy ride and ride around the beautiful city or climb the towers overlooking the city at St. Stephens cathedral.

Top of the Gloriette, by the Neptune fountain in Schönbrunn or the Belvedere palace is a great spot too.


Romantic proposal in Vienna

Photograph by SnapMyTrip


11.Florence – There is something about Florence that makes this Renaissance city so romantic. It’s small and intimate and full of captivating architecture. One of the best spot is the very famous Ponte Vecchio which is a great vantage point to cuddle and watch the sun go down.

The rooftop of Westin Excelsior hotel with its fancy dinner creates an intimate setting. Find a quiet spot in Piazza Michelangelo or pack a picnic, rent a vintage car and head to the rolling Tuscan hills.

The small town of San Gimignano, outside of Florence is a great spot! Take an Italian cooking lesson in one of the famous agriturismos and confess your love through your handmade pasta.


Proposal in Florence

Photograph by Mollie


12.Bruges – Bruge is fairytale land full of cobbled streets, quaint houses and charming ivy covered bridges. Head to the lake of Love in Minnewaterpark or the Bonifacius brudge. Koningstraat has a beautiful bridge with a beautiful backdrop of historical Bruges.

Rozenhoedkaai is a stunning location during the evening and night. Enjoy a Belgian waffle in the Burg square right after the proposal.


Proposal in Bruges

Photograph by SnapMyTrip



13.Amalfi Coast – Amalfi coast is the place you go wishing you had bought a one way ticket. There are so many pictureques towns dotted along the coast, it is really hard for us to pick one.

Atrani is the smallest town in Italy and the sweetest spot on the Amalfi coast. It perches on the cliffs overflowing in to the deep blue waters.

Photos do not do justice to the gorgeous town of Positano. It is one of our favorite spots on the coast. Pamper your lady by booking a suite in the La Sirenuse hotel.

Ravello and Romance are synonymous. Stroll through the garden of Villa Cimbrone and propose your lady at the terrace of infinity.

Laze by the sea, dine over looking the azure waters or sneak a kiss in the labyrinth of streets, Amalfi will make a special place in your heart.


Romantic proposal in Amalfi

Photograph by Andrea


14.Hallstatt – Hallstatt is a quaint traditional village in Austria very close to Salzburg. It has wonderful landscapes and is extremely beautiful, serene and peaceful. Take a romantic boat ride in the lake. You will always find a swan couple which make the iconic Hallstatt photo.

There is not much to do in the village but it’s beauty will strike you so hard that you wouldn’t want to do anything but just gaze at the Alps and the lake with your darling by your side


Proposal in Hallstatt

Photograph by SnapMyTrip


15.Oslo – Oslo is one of the most off beaten place on anyone’s list for top proposal locations. It’s beautiful fjords, quaint colorful homes and delicious modern cuisine demands attention.

Pack a picnic and explore the different fjords just miles from the city and breathe in the fresh Norwegian air or pop the question with stunning views as backdrop from the grounds of the royal palace.


Romance in Oslo

Photograph by SnapMyTrip

October 4, 2017