About Us

A very warm welcome to SnapMyTrip. My name is Rinki Rathi, born with tickle feet and a desire to see the whole world, one country at a time. Born and raised in India, traveling has been my passion. I was always encouraged by my parents to live my life the way I want and wherever I want. So I left India at the young age of 21 to live in Europe and US.


Over the years, I have traveled extensively, immersing myself in the culture of each country I have visited and enriching my life in return.


My husband, who is as crazy as me and I moved to London few years ago. London gave us the opportunity to explore Europe in depth and document our experience through beautiful photos.


For our anniversary, we decided to travel to Santorini to celebrate and I wanted a professional photographer to capture our special day in the beautiful blue and white backdrop of the island. After a lot of google search, I finally found a brilliant photographer who captured our love beautifully. Something that will bring back those memories when we are old and wrinkly in our rocking chairs.


When I shared the photos with my family and friends, they were in complete awe about the beauty and high quality of the photographs. Santorini definitely became the next destination on their travel list and they all wanted to get a photoshoot on their next vacation.


And one sunday morning, browsing through our anniversary photos, I came up with the idea of offering this type of service to couples, tourists, families and friends who want to travel the world and capture those magical moments in to lifelong memories.


And this is how SnapMyTrip Ltd. Was born


At SnapMyTrip, we personally choose each photographer based on their style and ability to capture those unique moments. It has been a crazy ride to get to where we are now with plenty of sleepless nights, partnering with photographers, photographing, blogging… We have built a community of talented locally based photographers to provide people with a local immersive experience while capturing their beautiful moments forever.


After all, in the end it’s the experience and memories that make our life richer.


It’s the best gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones!

-♥ SnapMyTrip


Prewedding shoot